Last Updated on March 21, 2011 by Steven Meurrens

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Spokesmen for the Canadian embassy in Hong Kong recently gave an interesting presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.  The speaker was JV, the Immigration Program Manager.

The Hong Kong Office is responsible for the processing of all applications from Hong Kong and Macau.  It is also responsisble for processing family class applications from China’s four southern provinces. All other applicants from China have the option of either choosing the Hong Kong or Beijing office.


There are currently 10 Canadian officers at the Hong Kong consulate, including two Canada Border Services Agency officers, and one medical officer.  There are 62 locally engaged staff.


  • From 2008 to 2010 the backlog at the embassy increased from 22,000 to 34,000.  This represents about 95,000 people.
  • Of those 34,000 applications in inventory, 16,000 are for federal investors.
  • 50% of family class cases require an interview.  Of those seen at interview, 70% are denied.
  • 9,000 federal investor applications were received prior to the doubling of the program requirements.  Since then the office is receiving around 300 applicants per month.
  • The office processed almost half of all federal investor applications.

Key Issues

During the presentation, the following issues were described as being the key issues facing the embassy:

  • Counteracting fraud is a major issue at the Hong Kong office.  There are serious concerns of fraud in over 60% of family class applications received at the office;


Our office already gets detailed statistics on application processing times and success rates for each immigration category at the Hong Kong embassy.  This presentation to the Standing Commitee provided an interesting insight into the faces and issues behind those success rates.