Last Updated on March 9, 2011 by Steven Meurrens

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SM, the Program Manager for the Taiwan Office, recently gave an interesting presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

The Taiwan Office is responsible for processing visa applications from Taiwan.


There are currently 11 Canadian officers at the Taiwan office.


  • In 2010, Taiwan processed 33,000 temporary resident visas.  99% of such cases were approved within 24 hours.
  • 56% of work permit applications processed at the Taiwanese mission are for Filipinos.
  • 31% of work permit applications are processed in 28 days or less.
  • 80% of spousal sponsorship cases are processed within 6 months.
  • In 2010 less than 200 new investor applications were received.

Key Issues

During the presentation, the following issues were described as being the key issues facing the embassy:

  • Changes resulting from the ending of the requirement for Taiwanese people to have visas to visit Canada.  As a result of the visa waiver, 55% of locally engaged staff were laid off in December.
  • The introduction of a youth mobility agreement between Taiwan and Canada, resulting in 700 work permit applications being processed in 2010.
  • There has been a significant decline in the amount of immigration from Taiwan.


Our office already gets detailed statistics on application processing times and success rates for each immigration category at the Taipei Mission.  This presentation to the Standing Commitee provided an interesting insight into the faces and issues behind those success rates.