The Family Class

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Regulation 1(3) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (the “IRPR“) defines a family member as being:

  • the spouse or common-law partner of the person;
  • the dependent child of the person or of the person’s spouse or common-law partner; or
  • a dependent child of a dependent child referred to in paragraph (b).

Regulation 117 of the IRPR lists the following as being members of the Family Class.

  • Spouse, Common-Law Partner, Conjugal Partner
  • Dependent Child
  • Adopted Child
  • Parent, Grandparent
  • Orphaned Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Grandchild
  • Other Relative


The typical application process for a Family Class application is:

  • Sponsorship and applicant’s permanent residence application is sent to the Case Processing Center;
  • The Case Processing Center determines if the sponsor is eligible; and
  • Applications are triaged by the Case Processing Center to be either processed inside Canada or overseas.

The following was obtained through an Access to Information Act request.

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