The Passenger Protect Program

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On June 18, 2015 the Secure Air Travel Act received Royal Assent.  It enhanced the Passenger Protect Program, more commonly called the “no-fly list.”

The previous Conservative Government of Canada strengthened the Passenger Protect Program in response to an increase in the number of individuals travelling from Canada to participate in foreign conflicts, and in particular joining ISIS.

The Passenger Protect Program is an air passenger security program.  Through it the government works with air carriers to screen commercial passenger flights to, from and within Canada, and uses measures to mitigate the threat if a listed individual attempts to board an aircraft.

The specific categories of individuals who can be impacted include (a) those who are suspected of posing a threat to transportation and (b) those who are attempting to travel abroad by air to support terrorism-related activities.

Individuals who are subject to a denial of boarding, also known as those on the Specified Persons List, can make an application to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to be removed.

The government does not publish the Specified Persons List, nor does it say how many people are on the list.

Passenger Protect Program