Visiting Professors and Work Permits

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Regulation 205(b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations provides that a work permit may be issued under section 200 to a foreign national who intends to perform work that would create or maintain reciprocal employment of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada in other countries.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) state that visiting professors may be issued work permits pursuant to R205(b).


To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be applying for a work permit of not more than two academic years;
  • to take a position with a post-secondary institution; and
  • retain their position abroad.

Visiting professors may also include those on sabbatical who are doing collaborative research with a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The term “retain their position abroad” means that the professor must maintaing their employment abroad as a professor.


Work permits for visiting professors are authorized for a maximum period of two academic years.

Visiting professors are not eligible to extend their work permits under this category, and their employers must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment to extend their stay.

Visiting Professors