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The following is a summary of information about an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) tool called Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is a prototype risk detection tool developed by IRCC’s Advanced Analytics Solution Centre (“A2SC”).  Lighthouse aims to automatically identify and summarize historical risk patterns for IRCC officials.  It can be used to support frontline decision makers or to understand historical risk patterns. As the Memorandum to the Director General, Operational Planning and Perfromance Branch memo notes below,  it is essentially a data-mining tool that identifies and presents fact-based information.

The pattern reports that are used in Lighthouse are intended to provide sufficient evidence of any individual pattern. All patterns are “self-contained” in that they are intended to stand on their own merit regardless of the
rest of the system. Encrypted data and model information is currently being retained to allow A2SC to recreate a model on-demand and provide the underlying data to explain how Lighthouse patterns were produced and why applications matched against these patterns.

In 2020 Lighthouse uncovered over 800 unique risk patterns, some of which led to identification of larger-scale fraud trends.

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