Borderlines Podcast #105 – “How-to” primer on Trauma-Informed Advocacy, with Dr. Sharalyn Jordan and Dr. Deborrah Dunne

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In this episode, we speak with Dr. Sharalyn Jordan (Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology and Equity Studies in Education at Simon Fraser University, and chair of the Rainbow Refugee society in Vancouver BC), and Dr. Deborrah Dunne, clinical counsellor.

Our guests take us through a “Trauma 101” style overview of PTSD, C-PTSD and the neurobiology of trauma. We also start in on a discussion of “tips and techniques” for trauma-informed lawyering. Regrettably, we had to lose Dr. Dunne toward the end of the episode (because our discussion went on for too long). Happily, we have undertaken to produce a “part 2” episode with Dr. Dunne’s further thoughts on how to work with traumatized clients. Central to that conversation will be a discussion of how advocates should address their own trauma (including vicarious trauma) to set the stage for “optimal engagement” with their clients. Look out for that episode in the days to come! And please subscribe to our channel and send any comments/questions/suggestions for future consideration.