Renouncing Permanent Resident Status

11th May 2015 Comments Off on Renouncing Permanent Resident Status

Last updated on August 23rd, 2019

Prior to November 21, 2014, there was no formal way for permanent residents to voluntarily renounce their permanent resident status in Canada.  Incredibly, permanent residents who wanted to voluntarily relinquish their status had to generally first be declared inadmissible to Canada by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”).  This changed in 2014, and the ability to formally relinquish permanent resident status will benefit numerous individuals.  As the IRCC website states:

In some cases, permanent residents know that they failed to meet the residency obligation and have no desire to remain in Canada as permanent residents, but they wish to visit Canada without being reported for non-compliance with respect to their residency requirements. In other cases, individuals may be required to provide proof that they have given up Canadian permanent resident status in order to obtain benefits from their country of origin or a third country, such as accepting a diplomatic posting, renewing civil documents (national identity cards, health or pension coverage, etc.) or entering military service.

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